A positive parenting path

If you are dealing with power struggles, meltdowns, backtalk, sibling conflicts or other challenges with kids, it's time to add some new tools to your tool box!

A positive parenting approach focuses on finding solutions to problems while deepening your connection with your children. Positive parenting empowers kids to develop social and emotional life skills. When kids feel valued, capable and respected, their behavior improves.

I teach parents, caregivers and teachers how to use positive parenting tools and strategies while cooking with children to transform everyday behavioral challenges into opportunities for growth and connection in the family.

Cooking with your kids brings you closer together and teaches valuable life skills, such as:  

  • How to explore with all of their five senses
  • How to make a mess...and clean up afterwards!
  • How to enjoy each step of the cooking process, not just the finished dish
  • How to deal with disappointment if a recipe doesn’t turn out as well as expected
  • How to feel pride in contributing to their family’s mealtime
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Cooking with your kids is an investment in your relationship. You'll get meals on the table together AND help your kids develop valuable skills, in the kitchen and in life!
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